A Man Has Spent Over $50,000 To Become a Gender-free Alien

Since the male to female gender transformation of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner); there has been a rapid increase of gender reassignment surgeries but the story of makeup artist Vinny Ohh is different from anyone.

According to Vinny Ohh he doesn’t feel like a man or woman. So he went ahead and followed his heard and spent a whopping $50,000 dollars to become a genderless alien.

The highly expensive surgery also includes cheek fillers, lip filler and Botox.

Why Alien?

Because Vinny Ohh is obsessed about everything related to the extra-terrestrial world. He claims that he loves to be called as ‘an extra-terrestrial hot mess’.

A Celeb Figure On Instagram

Vinny Ohh’s Instagram is famous for a lot of reasons. He is famous on Instagram as a makeup addict and worshipper of plastic surgery.

So far Vinny has had over 12 cheek fillers, 2 brow fillers, 15 lip fillers, 5 Botox sessions and around 2 nose jobs. And yes he is not done yet, he further plans to get his genitals, nipples and belly button removed too to complete the alien look.

His future plans include getting his forehead realigned, his ear pinned, one or two more nose jobs, an eyelid revision and implants for jaw and cheek. All these procedures will further cost him around $160,000.

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