A Map Which Illustrates That Which Country Is The Most Dangerous According To The People Of Other Countries Has A Lot Of Red White And Blue In It And It’s Not A Surprise

The world is one bad place to live in. you never know who is after you, who will play a trick on you for no reason at all. There are enemies everywhere, some you know about and some you don’t.

Individuals are not the only one who suffer but counties as a whole have determined that which country should be a direct ally and which country should be regarded as an enemy. The world politics is a dirty place and it getting dirtier day by day

WIN/Gallup international carried out a poll of 65 countries to see that from the citizen’s perspective which county is the most dangerous

It is very important to note that this data was collected in 2013 which was before Trump’s presidency elect and after this many counties will ponder upon their roles in global politics

The map below which is crafted by Redditor Ioulon, indicate the countries from which people are most afraid of. Iran is the country from which the people of the US and Great Britain are most afraid of. People of Russia, China, Australia and many other South American countries feel threatened by the US.

There is quite a bit of gap between the country who got the most number of votes US (24%) and Pakistan (8%) which indicates to the fact that US’s involvement in wars have not gone down too well among the people of other countries.

The United States of America is a very powerful country and it seems that they have been using it in the wrong way. Let me remind you again that tis data was collected before Trump’s reign so it’s safe to say that the US have never been too popular among countries.

Source: viralthread

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