A New Male Contraceptive Pill Is Arriving In Markets And What It Does Will Shock You!

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner. A good news for men is also here which will surprise them for all the good reasons. All the gentlemen who prefer to stay free from all the burdens of a baby can now take a sigh of relief as a new contraceptive pill has arrived in the markets which is being said as a breakthrough in the male contraception pills world.

Earlier a similar pill came in the market but its results were far from satisfactory as a large number of men reported to experience severe side effects after the use of the medicine.

Want to say Baby-free as long as you want?

The new pill claims to keep you baby-free for as long as two years and its success rate is also 100 percent.

The new procedure involves the use of a gel called Vasalgel and it is said to be less painful and more beneficial as it simply prevents from pregnancy and not just blocks the sperm. The pill has already been tested on monkeys and the results were above average.

Vaselgel has no side effects.

Previously other such pills and injections had various side effects on men such as mood swings, depression and muscle issues.

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