A Research Was Conducted On the Ideal Size of Breasts. The Results Are Interesting to Say the Least!

Beauty standards are different throughout the world. Same like that the ideal and standard size of breast is different all over the world.

A research was research conducted in Europe and men and women were asked to participate in it. The results showed that many people said that they prefer average size of breasts. Not too big, not too small.

Although many people said that they prefer average but the thing is the average breast size differs from country to country.

53.6% of men said average while 60.4% of women thought average was ideal. Around 35% of men said a girl with a bigger bust compared to almost 31% of women who said that bigger was better.

Later the respondents of the research were asked the ideal cup size for women.

Just under half of the male respondentssaid a C cup was ideal while more than 52% of women agreed with the statement.

26% of women said that the next most ideal cup size was a B cup, which over 20% of the men agreed with.

Around 14% of women thought a D cup was the best whereas nearly 19% of men said a D cup was optimal. Men were split between a B and a D cup at 20% and 19%. On the other side, women showed a more decline from a C to a B to a D cup.

Then respondents from different European countries were asked about their ideal breast size.


Most people from Europe, U.K., Spain, Austria, Portugal, and the Netherlands agreed that a C cup was the ideal fit. While, the men and women of Hungary and Poland preferred a B cup.

The international Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that women from Germany, Italy and France had the most boob jobs done in Europe in 2015.

The United States won the race with over 540,000 procedures, with Germany after US at over 100,000 operations.

Then the survey tried to know the average size of breast in each country.

The United States, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal said the average breast size is B. While women from United Kingdom, France and Poland said an average breast size is a C.

On the other side Polish men and women said the most desirable is a B cup even though their average was a C cup.

Most European men and women thought a C cup was ideal but most women from Europe said the average is a B cup.

It was also revealed via the research that a majority of the European countries along with the US wanted breast sizes that were one cup larger than the average.

Although, in Poland and Romania men and women said that they prefer smaller breasts (one cup size smaller.)

While in the UK, Belgium and France, those participants liked their national average just fine (a C cup.)

The study also revealed that mostly women from US and UK were happy with their breasts regardless of its size.

The study also highlighted that some women with the same breasts were happy and while other women with the same size were unhappy in US and UK.

Source : providr

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