A Scary Story of How a Baby Got Black Spots in His Nose – A Terrified Mom Reveals All !!

Every household product comes up with a set of instructions written usually at the back or inside the item and that is something that we normally choose to avoid reading it. Although some products are different and they have the potential of harming our loved ones if we don’t use them properly.

A recent story came out at the end of last year around Christmas which sent shivers down the spine of mothers all around the world.

Candles are one such highly common household item which can be found in homes all around the world. During Christmas candles are purchased more often for various purposes specially for decoration. During Christmas, scented candles are purchased more to create a soothing atmosphere for the guests. Although these scented candles come up with a set of instructions that sometimes we chose to ignore.

Story of a Mom from New Jersey.

A mother from New Jersey did the very same mistake which could have cost her the life of her baby.

According to a mom in New Jersey named Meghan Budden who revealed that she burned two scented candles for few hours on one such occasion around the time of Christmas last year. The next day Budden found traces of soot in her nose, she cleaned it up without paying much attention to it.

Few days later Meghan was shocked to see soot inside the nose of his son as well. She tried her best to clean the inside of her baby’s son but still some soot remained stuck inside it.

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