This Adorable Baby Has Won The Internet For The Obvious Reasons!

‘Hands up in the air like we don’t care’ sang Miley Cyrus in her 2013 hit ‘We Can’t Stop’ but for some unknown reason this baby love to get his hands all up in the air.

Kaden is Kent Siri’s 5-month-old son who is the latest internet sensation. Kaden’s video has been shared over thousands of times on internet so far and with each passing hour, the numbers are increasing.

The father of the 5 month old baby says that his new born son is very active and every morning this is how he wakes up.

The new father also added that he had no idea that his son’s video would go viral and people would like it so much.

The viral video also has some famous pop and hip hop songs in the background which make the video a lot more fun and interesting.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, now is the time!

Source : boredpanda

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