All The Workers Chip In To Buy A Coworker A Car And Show The World That There Is Still Hope!

Derrick Taylor is a young fellow who acts as an unloader at an UPS station in Oxford, Alabama. Regardless of living around 25 miles from work and walking the greater part of the drive since he didn’t claim an auto, Dewayne made it to chip away at time each day.

So to make things somewhat simpler for Taylor, the greater part of his associates chose to pool their cash and get him a utilized Jeep. Resigned laborers then invested some energy cleaning and settling any issues with the auto to ensure it was fit as a fiddle

Allie Steen who works as a driver for the company and recorded the video stated”

“At UPS we take care of our own. Derrick walked to work everyday rain or shine because he didn’t have a car. ”

“We all pitched in and took care of him. I’m so proud to be a part of the group.  Thanks to all the employees that contributed including management.”

With over 200,000 shares and over a million views it is safe to say that this post is trending. Taylor himself wrote in the comment section

“I’m more than thankful and appreciative for what my co-workers have done for me. They all are a blessing and I’ll never be able to thank them enough. I’ll never forget it!”

People were impressed with this act

“This is one reason I’m proud to have spent 5 years with this amazing company/family,” one Facebook user stated. “Amazing company fosters amazing employees and great people to lead their communities.”

“This is amazing! Proof that there are some wonderful people in this world”

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