Alternate Beauty Tricks For Every Women Out There!

Women know that it is not easy to look good and it requires a lot of time and energy. So keeping that in mind we decided to tell you all some beneficial alternate beauty tricks!

1.Use a hair spray on the brush of your mascara to brush your eyebrows.

2.To whiten up your nails, all you have to do is to soak a cotton wool pad in lemon juice, wrap it around your nail, and then cover it with foil. Stay like this for 10-15 minutes, then remove. The details are here.

3.This mark identifies that how long you can use a beauty product. To make it more memorable for yourself. You can write the date and the month on the front of the bottle to remind yourself.

4.An ordinary tea bag can help you cope with a broken nail. Remove the tea leaves from the bag, and cut a piece to fit your nail. Paste it where your nail has broken, and cut off rest of it that is beyond the length of your nail. Now use a nail file to shape it and then cover with a base coat of polish paint.

5.Your mascara has dried off? Don’t worry, drop some eye drop liquid in it or fluid of contact lens.

6.Mix together some baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, and wipe it along the surface of your hair strengthener a soft tissue paper. Then clean it again with a completely dry tissue, as shown here.

7.If you think your lipstick doesn’t have that matte feel to it, then don’t worry use your blusher before putting on lipstick on your lips.

8.Apply some skin balm or Vaseline around the skin of your nails to prevent it from staining your skin.

9.When you’re travelling, don’t forget to put cotton wool pads over your cosmetic items to prevent them from cracking up.

10.Use an old plate as a makeup palette while doing your makeup.

11.If your eyeliner pen has dried out, just remove the brush head and turn it round, as shown here. You can also use its other end, and you will be feel as if you have just bought a new one.

12.It is better to use baby oil instead of any foam before shaving.

13.To get soft skin on your feet, mix 2 cups of warm water, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of mouthwash and then use this mixture on your feet.

14.Use dryer sheets all over your hair to get rid of hair static.

15.After applying the lipstick on your lips, suck your finger for few seconds. This will leave any excess lipstick on your finger and not on your lips, and in this way it also won’t end up on your teeth. Now you can use any highlighter along the contours of your lips to make it stand out more.

Source : brightside

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