The Husband Gives The Wife A Birthday Cake In The Form Of Her Favorite Thing: “A giant Amazon Package”

Emily McGuire admits that she is a frequent and “proud” buyer of Amazon. The photographer and mother of three tell CafeMom that she receives, on average, two to three “beautiful brown Amazon boxes” per week, and she gets dizzy with one of them. Hell, it is even known that she sometimes hides some of her husband Waylon (also known as “Mac”), who is very aware of her weekly routine.

In fact, he is so aware that when Emily’s recent birthday was approaching, Mac had a perfect idea: he ordered a personalized cake from a bakery made to look exactly like one of his beloved Amazon packages. Needless to say, it was a success.

The custom creation came similar to one of your weekly orders, with a personalized shipping label and an Amazon Prime ribbon!

After Emily published the cake photos online, she was quickly picked up by the popular Facebook pages, where she went viral.

AMAZON PACKAGE CAKE 🤣🤣📦 🎂 Made by Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn for Emily Williams-Mcguirephoto credit – Emily McGuire Photography

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