An American Journalist Lived In Japan For A Year. What She Has To Say About Japan Is Quite Fascinating.

An American journalist known as Amy Chavez who lived in Shiraishi Island of Japan for a year has nothing but amazing things to say about the country. Chavez is a renowned journalist who has written for numerous American and Japanese publications.

Amy Chavez has observed and learned a number of interesting and highly amusing things about the Japanese. The young journalist believes that we all can learn a lot from Japan. Chavez further added that one of the most amusing things about the country is that the highly efficient social order and how disciplined Japanese are. You would always find the streets crystal clear. Traffic running smoothly and the people are kind, down to earth but interesting at the same time. The writer/journalist claims that even if you make a very short trip to Japan, you are bound to go through some amazing experiences. Amy observed some fascinating things about the country and Japanese people.

Following are some of the interesting things that caught Amy’s attention.

  1. The Japanese are very kind but they take fashion seriously. Their fashion and style game is always up to the mark.
  1. In Japan, it is important to return favors as well. Regardless of how small or big they may be. If you accept someone’s favor. It is a must on you to return it as well regardless of the form of the favor.
  1. Japanese people know how to make the other person feel special. It is important in Japan to thank the other person when you meet them next time. For instance: ‘Hey, thank you so much for helping me with my assignment last week.’

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