Apply These 10 Hair Tips And You’ll Wake Up Each Morning With Perfect Hair

We all have seen actresses waking up in the morning with perfect air in TV shows and movies and have been wondering if that is possible in real life too? Now that can be a reality if you apply these 10 amazing hair tips each night to wake up with perfect looking hair every morning.

Before we tell you the 10 hair tips for every night. It is important that you must know these hair essentials.

Hair Essentials

  1. Never go to bed with wet hair. Sleeping with wet hair means your hair can break easily.
  2. Always use a cold air while using the hair dry.
  3. Avoid drying your hair completely so that some moisture remains in your hair.
  4. Properly comb your hair before going to bed.
  5. Get a haircut that suits your hair.
  6. Properly take care of your hair each day.
  1. It is important to braid your hair properly before going to bed to avoid frizzy hair and static hair in the morning. Braid your hair only when they are dry or slightly damp. Your braid should never be too tight. If you have straight hair, go for a regular braid. For curly hair, go for a twist braid.

  1. Apply small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your hair to get static free and shiny hair in the morning. Avoid putting it on the scalp.

  1. To avoid hair loss, hair breakage and split ends, try using silk or satin bedsheets and pillow cases. Silk and satin bedsheets and pillow cases are very good for curly hair as well. In case you don’t want to opt for silk or satin pillowcases, try wrapping your hair using a silk scarf before going to bed to avoid frizzy hair in the morning.

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