Australians Were Shocked To Find Bull Shark On Their Street After Cyclone Debbie

The recent cyclone Debbie did heavy destruction in major parts of Australia. The Australians were left home-ridden for weeks. When the storm was over and the citizens of the Ayr town of Queensland took a sigh of relief and went out the next morning. They saw something so strange that they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Although it is usual to find broken trees and other things like that on streets after a storm but the locals of the Ayr town of Queensland in Australia got the biggest shock of their lives when they found a dead bull shark on their street.

Normally people like to stay 1000 miles away from bull sharks because they are known as the most aggressive kind of sharks on the planet but this time a bull shark was present on a street of the Ayr town and people dared to even touch it as well because it was dead.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services also posted the pictures of the dead bull shark on their Facebook page which also went viral within minutes.

Rescuers also tried their level best to send the shark back to the river but the poor animal was dead and nothing could bring it back to life.

Burdekin River of Australia is one of the most well-known territories of the bull sharks and the locals don’t prefer to swim in that river because of the bull sharks.

Watch the video below that how a bull shark ended up on a street of Ayr town of Queensland.

Source : elitereaders

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