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    French Inventor Is Selling Pills That Make Farts Smell Nice of Roze

    The French company Lutin Matin claims it has invented a pill that can make smells beautiful. Yes, we all know someone who could use it, right? By the way, if you are blue, thinking “in fact, I do not know anyone” – it’s you, comrade. However, the tablets have been developed by an inventor named […] More

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    Cleveland Clinic performs its first in utero surgery on fetus, repairs spina bifida before baby’s birth

    The Cleveland Clinic has joined other major hospitals in North America and can now offer menopausal treatment. The hospital announced on Wednesday that more than a year after the preparations had successfully completed the first operation of North Ohio on the fetus inside the uterus to repair spina bifida. “The operation of the fetus in […] More

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    This Zoo in China Puts Visitors in Cages and Lets Animals Roam Free

    As a child, I never wanted to visit zoos or circuses because I could not understand what was so fun in watching closed and humiliated animals. Well, as an adult, I believe that the captivity of the animals is wrong for the essence because the other species have the same rights to life and freedom […] More

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    Street Artist Adds Fake Shadows To Confuse People

    Below are shown 20 works by American street artist Damon Belenergh, who was commissioned to install 20 false shadows in the central area of Redwood City in order to bring more creativity in the area. More

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    Credit Card Challenge That Goes Viral

    A Youtube User John Gaalli post a video trying to trick a friend with credit card challenge, on the first view seems to be okay but at end of video a friends catch a credit card and win a game . More

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    Girl with rare disease invents teddy bears that hide IV bags

    The hospital often turns out to be a scary place when you are a child. Infusions are, among other things, part of what can most intimidate. A young American named Ella has found a solution to this problem: Medi Teddy, a teddy bear that can be fixed on the gallows. Ella can testify to her […] More

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    Can you finish a 28-inch pizza in 1 hour? Try Cici’s Pizza Challenge To Win $500

    KATY, Texas (KTRK) — Can you finish a 28-inch pizza in 1 hour? A competitive eater inhaled one with time to spare Monday night in exchange for some cold, hard cash. Brandon ‘Da Garbage Disposal’ Clark won $500 cash at the Cici’s Pizza in Katy after he took on the two-man challenge by himself. He […] More

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    These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

    Making money in a legal way is really hard but doing so in illegal way and not being caught is harder. We all know that Bill Gates is the richest man in the planet as of today, and by saying this we think about legal ways of making money, but if we look at the […] More

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