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  • Iceland

    Alaska’s Sea Has Completely Melted Ice Earlier Than Even Before

    The most quickly changing state in the U.S. has no sea ice within some 150 miles of its shores, according to high-resolution sea ice synthesis from the National Weather Service. The big picture is clear, After an Arctic summer with well above-normal temperatures, Climate Changes, warmer seas, and a historic July heatwave, sea ice has […] More

  • in

    Watch A Sleeping Octopus Changes Color While Dreaming

    An unbelievable fact that an octopus changes her colour while she is sleeping. Do octopuses dream? Octopus also has a large brain, although it doesn’t seem to be as intelligent. A sleeping octopus that could very fit is dreaming, in this video clip posted on YouTube to promote the TV show Octopus: Making Contact on PBS. […] More

  • jelly drops

    Man Discover Jelly Drops look likes Sweets for Dementia Patients

    A guy discovers the Jelly drops which looks like sweets. So the 24-year-old guy decided to create jelly sweets which are over 90% water to keep her Granny hydrous which was also part of his university. The Guy name Lewis, who studied at the Royal College of Art, invented mouthful-sized liquid sphere to get the […] More

  • sleep quicker

    Sleeping In a Cold room Helps You to Sleep Quicker and Vanishes Stress

    It hasn’t been that soft and cozy to sleep quicker, ever since I decided to move in with my wife. After being used to sleeping lonely in a double-sized bed, I had to build out how to make room for two. According to Dr. Christopher Winter, the Medical Director at Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine, […] More

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    Screw Shaped Spy Cams Arein The Market And People Should Beware Now!

    It is needless to say that technology has changed our lives and for most parts it is for the better. Spy cams are another thing that have made our lives better. These little things are so compact and now come in every shape and size. Some are made into pens or any other shape but […] More

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    Know About Your Health With This Method In Just Over A Minute

    Some of us are just too scared to go to the doctors so here are some tricks that will tell you about your health condition Take a common spoon, and scrape it over the entire surface of the tongue, abundantly wetting it with saliva. Take the spoon into a transparent bag and place it under a bright light: sunny […] More

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    Student On Spring Break Gets A Makeover And Leaves Everyone Stunned

    Some of the time, all you need is another hope to take your disposition from blah to bubbly. Truly, at whatever point I’m feeling stuck, going to get my hair style and styled in another, fun way dependably gives me an entire couple of vitality! It’s enjoyable to play with new styles and your certainty […] More

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    The Terrible Two Stage Is A Blessing For This Cute Family

    Some portion of child rearing is adapting to the “Terrible twos,” that phase of a little child’s life where fits of rage, dissents, and revelations of freedom are the standard. How might you prevent the delight from securing watching a store passageway baby victory that goes from a pouty lip and collapsed arm position to […] More

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    Here Are 16 Things You Can Use Mouth Wash For That Will Leave You Stunned

    Did you realize that mouthwash has a huge amount of employments past keeping your breath new? Its disinfectant and antifungal properties can be useful for a modest bunch of ordinary things, from treating skin break out and dandruff to cleaning your glasses and keeping feet scent free. 1.Takes out scent It dispenses with any waiting […] More

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