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    5 Common Battery Myths Proven Wrong!

    Since the inception of smartphones, we all have heard numerous myths about phone batteries such as not to use your phone when it is getting charged, don’t leave your phone on charging all night long and a lot more. Well recently most of these myths have been proven wrong. So today we are officially breaking […] More

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    9 Food Items We Are Not Eating The Right Way

    There is a certain method attached to everything we do and we use it time and time again mainly because we were taught by our elders to do so but some of them may be incorrect. Here are 8 foods that we have been eating incorrectly our whole lives. 1.Cherry Tomatoes Just squeeze them a […] More

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    Research Says These 10 Professions Will Make You Gain A Lot Of Weight

    Another review directed online by Harris Interactive recommends that callings including high anxiety levels have a higher rate of specialists putting on additional pounds. To be completely forthright, we here at Bright Side were very amazed to discover a few occupations on that rundown. 1.Travel operator These individuals need to attempt their best to satisfy […] More

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    Here Are 30 Uses Of Coconut Oil That Will  Make Your Jaw Drop

    Coconut oil is rich in unsaturated fats, the advantageous impact of which shows itself both when taken by mouth and utilized remotely. Splendid Side conveys to your consideration 30 circumstances where this remarkable item is basically crucial. For your health When you get a cut or a little twist. Coconut oil adds to quicker twisted […] More

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    13 People Who Couldn’t Do Justice To Their Jobs

    Not all people are perfectionists. Instead, some people failed at their jobs so bad that it is almost hysterical. 1.We don’t know what the designer had in his or her mind. 2.A very useful traffic light. Isn’t it? 3.Pikachu wouldn’t be happy if he saw this. More

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    Research Says That Bad Bosses Are Detrimental For Employees’ Health!

    Last year we another study came around which revealed that employees don’t leave their jobs but instead they leave their bosses. The same thing has been proved right by another research which recently got published. It doesn’t end there, the researchers from Harvard Business School and Stanford University did the research with over 200 respondents […] More

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    Yes. Instagram Killed A 13 Year Old

    Yes. You read that right. Instagram became deadly some days ago as a 13 year old accidentally killed himself live on Instagram. Malachi Hemphill, who was 13 year old from Georgia was playing with a real gun while streaming live on Instagram when he accidentally shot himself. The grieving mother of the young kid, Shaniqua […] More

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    8 Home Remedies That Our Grandparents Told Us About And They Really Work!

    Do you recollect those strange home cures your grandma utilized on you when you were a child? Here are the ones that truly work. Potato for creepy crawly nibble. Affirm, we let it out. This one sounds super peculiar. Be that as it may, as indicated by Don’t Waste the Crumbs, it truly works! Cut […] More

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