Avoid These Common Mistakes And The Service Life Of Your Home Appliances Will Increase Dramatically!

A lot of times it happens that we complain about our gadgets and home appliances breaking down prematurely. We think that we might have taken proper care of our home appliances but in reality our expensive electronic gadgets and other home appliances stop working before their expiry time because of our own carelessness. The reason of it can be is we somehow never take the instructions seriously or in most cases, it has also been observed that people just don’t bother to read the manuals at all.

Today we are telling you some amazing maintenance tips that can save your home appliances from breaking down before their due time. These tips will also increase their overall service life.

  1. Avoid putting heavy objects on the washing machine. Neither sit on it nor stand beside it. While putting clothes in the machine, make sure there aren’t any things in the pockets. Use only those detergents and softeners which are suitable for the washing machine.

  1. After each wash, wipe the inside rubber parts. Also don’t forget to take out the dispenser, clean and dry it to avoid the formation of mold. Avoid leaving the washed clothes in the machine for longer durations. If your washing machine doesn’t have a self-cleaning option, then it is recommended to do it manually at least once in a month.

  1. The most important thing is to make sure your refrigerator is delivered to your home properly. Make sure that your refrigerator doesn’t get tilted more than 40 degrees in the transportation stage to avoid the leakage of compressor oil. Also always avoid turning the refrigerator on as soon as it gets delivered. It is recommended to wait for 15 hours and then turn it on.

  1. Avoid putting extra hot dishes in the refrigerator. Clean the refrigerator properly once in a while and also don’t forget to clean the backside of the refrigerator. Always unplug the refrigerator first before cleaning it.

  1. Always make sure to clean the pans from all surfaces before putting them into slow cookers to avoid breakage. To stop the unwanted moisture and leftover foods from staying inside, make sure you clean and wipe properly the surface of your slow cooker’s lid every time you cook.

  1. Always wash the pan of slow cooker with a soft sponge and don’t stuff the food ingredients to the top.

  1. Always place the dishes in the upside down manner. Don’t forget to clean the dishes properly before you put them in the sink.

  1. Avoid using ordinary dishwashing liquids in the dishwasher. Keep the cutlery and all the other items properly in the dishwasher. Make sure you put salt and rinser in the dispenser tray of the dishwasher to improve the service life of the appliance.

  1. When you put very lightweight food items in the microwave oven, it is recommended to put a glass of water inside too for better results. Avoid putting anything on the refrigerator to avoid the blockage of the microwave’s ventilation grilles.

  1. Make sure to clean the microwave regularly. Also make sure to use proper crockery for microwave oven to avoid fire. Heating products for longer durations is also prohibited.

  1. Make sure that water never comes close to your toaster in any way. Also make sure you clean it properly regularly.

  1. Make sure that any kind of liquid never get to the inside of the blender’s motor housing. For cleaning, use a moist cloth. Leaving your blender on for longer durations is also prohibited.

Source: brightside

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