Baby Lived For Only 100 Minutes But Left A Everlasting Mark On This World

Death is a part of life and no matter how much we hate it, run from it, it will someday catch us and we will fade away like we were never here but before this happens it is important that we do something in life that people remember us for the change we have brought to this world, positive change.

Meet the little baby named Teddy who lived for only 100 minutes but did something that will always be remembered during his short time on earth he became the youngest donor ever.

This little hero had a condition called anencephaly, a condition in which the baby is born with some part of the skull or brain. Even after doctor’s advice that they should terminate Teddy’s life before birth. His parents said that they want to bring him into the world even for a little amount of time.

World’s youngest donor, Teddy.

Anencephaly happens I the initial stages of pregnancy and the baby cannot survive it. Some babies don’t survive birth, if they do they can only live for a few hours. In very rare cases they live to fight for some days.

The fighting parents decided that the organs of the baby should be donated to another baby to save another life

The mother was in a state of denial in the beginning and refused to give up but the tests showed that one of the twins had this brutal condition

One of the twins was perfectly fine

many woman who had babies with this condition opted to terminate the baby but Jess was  a fighter and did something else.

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