Baking Soda Is The Best Thing You Can Add To Your Daily Diet….Thank Us Later

Home remedies are cheap and very useful. So today we have another one for everyone and it can qualify as one of the most useful one yet. Using baking soda in your meals will help more than you think.

1. Boosts Oral Health

This should be not a surprise as most of the tooth paste has baking soda. It strengthens teeth and whitens them as well

2. Fights UTIs

If anti biotic are not helping and the pain is getting worse doctor removed patients to use baking soda in a glass of cold water for quick relief from Urinary tract infection

3. Can give some relief from stomach ulcer

Baking soda has a killing property which quiets the sharp, smoldering torments related with ulcer flare-ups. Now and again, it might likewise help with the general mending procedure of ulcers when they are presented to corrosive.

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