BBC Dad And Kids Family Gets Unwanted Global Media Attention!.

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen this hilarious and adorable video yet. Robert Kelly who is a political science professor at Pusan National University was giving a live interview from his home office to BBC News.

Well things didn’t go exactly as Robert or anyone from BBC News have planned initially but the whole video end up becoming an internet viral sensation.

Robert Kelly was giving a highly serious interview to BBC News and was speaking on the state affairs related to the impeachment of South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye.

Robert Kelly was speaking in his typical professor tone that suddenly his facial expressions and voice got changed when he realized his little daughter has just walked into the room. The host of the show also informed him that there is an uninvited guest in his home office. The little girl walked in room in a total carefree attitude and Robert’s expression is the one to watch for.

If that wasn’t enough, his cute and adorable 1 year old baby also walked in the room in his walker seconds after his daughter’s arrival. Then came the emergency arrival of Robert Kelly’s wife to get the kids out of the room. Things got more chaotic with the arrival of the super mommy who tried her best to get the kids out of the room. Certain books can be seen falling off Robert’s table to add a more dramatic touch to the event.

The video is indeed adorable. Watch it here:

Although the video couldn’t be finished in the first place. So BBC decided to conduct the interview again but this time they decided to bring his whole family on camera. The professor did explain that what went wrong and they also thought it was funny when they saw the whole video themselves. Robert’s wife revealed that they all were watching his interview in living room and she got busy in recording the interview and then in the midst of recording the interview, she realized that the kids are gone. She told she got a panic attack when she realized they all were on camera. Robert also added that usually he locks the door for these kind of interviews, this time he forgot to do so.

The family said that they found the whole episode really funny and encourage others to enjoy as well. The incident of Robert Kelly is a proof that anything is possible when kids are around.

What you think about this family’s fun debut into the spotlight?

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