Bear Pretended To Be Dead And Then Attacked The Hunter!

As they say what comes around, goes around and it indeed becomes true for the hunter who was hunting innocent bears in a forest somewhere in America.

A recent video got viral for all the right reasons. People had a lot of say regarding the video. Some said that it was karma served on a plate while others said that the hunter should have been more careful.

From the video, it is visible that the hunters came for hunting in the forest fully prepared with a proper hunting gear. One hunter fired at the bear while the other one is recording the whole thing in a camera. There is another hunter who is at the place where the bear would fall off from the tree.

What happened then is that the hunter fired at the animal and the bear can be seen falling off the tree on the ground. The other hunter who was waiting to catch the animal went near it immediately.

Everyone thought that the bear has died by then but the bear was pretending to do so and then attacked the hunter immediately. The other hunters stopped capturing the video and went to help their companion immediately.

It was revealed that the hunter got minor injuries and he survived the incident. As much as we want to know what happened with the bear, we have no details whether he survived or not.

Source : elitereaders

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