Beautiful Island With A Curse Would You Like To Live Here?

Then a German steel industrialist purchased the island. Although his death wasn’t a gruesome one but his life started unraveling once he purchased and started living on the island.

Then Gianni Agnelli the head of Fiat purchased the island. Later two of his heirs died on the island. One committed suicide while another died of a cancer at the age of 33 only.

The owner of the Getty Oil Company ‘Paul Getty’ purchased the island after that. Within few days, his grandson John Paul Getty got kidnapped and the kidnappers torched him brutally and also cut off his one ear. He was released by the kidnappers after Paul Getty paid them a heavy ransom but his grandson never lived a normal life after that.

This beautiful but deadly island is still uninhabited today and waiting for its next owner.

Would you like to buy this island?

Source : elitereaders

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