Best 20 Female Oriented Movies Of All Time!

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that film industry is more of a patriarchal industry and usually male actors get all the best roles. Similarly, there aren’t much good female oriented films around. So today we have shortlisted 20 amazing women oriented females that need to be watched at least once.

  1. La Vie En Rose

The film revolves around a French diva, Edith Piaf played by Marion Cotillard who isn’t scared to live her life on her own terms. The movie gives a more realistic image of Paris.

  1. G I Jane

G I Jane is anything but like a typical Hollywood action movie. The movie is a must watch for all women who have been through tough times in life.

  1. Mona Lisa Smile

The Julia Roberts starrer is a cinematic wonder about challenging social norms and injustice.

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