Billionaire With An Incurable Disease Decided To Distribute His Wealth!

What would you do if you know that you have billion dollars in your bank account and you just have few more years to live in this world?

Would you like to spend all the money in your remaining days or distribute it among the less privileged ones?

If you would go with the latter, then let us tell you this is what exactly happened in Myanmar recently. A billionaire who doesn’t have much days to live decided to distribute most of his wealth among the poor and needy people.

This video from Myanmar was first shared on the Danified page and later got viral on the internet all over the world.

In the video, a large number of people can be seen standing in long queues and the rich man’s assistant can be seen giving money to the poor people.

In the video it is visible that there are hundreds of people who have come up to collect the money. In one shot, a large number of people can be seen sitting in chairs and waiting for their turns.

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