Bobby Pins May Be Small But Are Very Useful Here Are 0 Ways That You Can Put Them To Better Use

7.Hold That Strand

This is the most ideal approach to keep down the hair on the sides while keeping the pins covered up. Slide the open end of the stick towards your face. Ensure it is indicating the other way of your hair. You can utilize different pins to strengthen the grasp.

8.Pig tail Grip

Just do this subsequent to tying your pig tail. Wrap some hair from the base of the pig tail around it and hold it with a bobby stick. It will appear like you tied a braid with your hair.

9.Hashtag Design

Give this a shot at this point. Take a segment of hair and stick it back utilizing two bobby pins indicating in the upward heading. Cut them with two more sticks. Ensure they are opposite to the ones place prior. You will have a flawless bobby stick hashtag outline.

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