This Boy Started Smoking When He Was Only 2 Years Old This Is How He Looks Now.

Back in 2010 when pictures of a 2 year old boy Ardi Rizal leaked on the internet where he was seen smoking cigarettes an adult, there was a global outrage over it.

It was revealed that the Indonesian little boy was smoking 40 cigarettes a day as a two year old. Later on it was also revealed that he smoked his very first cigarette when he was only a baby of 18 months. Isn’t that outrageous?

The attitude of the parents didn’t help the situation either. The mother said that he says that he feels sick and dizzy without cigarettes.

Ardi’s father Mohamad said that his son looked healthy so they didn’t find anything wrong in that.

The story went viral to the extent that the Indonesian government decided to intervene and put the little boy in a rehabilitation center.

While Ardi’s time at the rehabilitation center he developed an addiction for junk food and became highly obese.

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