Call Yourself A Chinese Food Lover? I Can Bet On It That You Don’t Know What That Little Tab Of Wood Is Used For

To be really honest here I am not a big fan of Chinese food and don’t use chopsticks often but whenever I do I rip the little tab on the top and throw it away but recently I have found that I was wrong all my life. This information is something that has always deprived me and now after knowing this I have realized that even a little piece of wood has its standing in the society.

But I am not totally shocked because people who eat a lot more Chinese food then me have done the same in front of me and I have just learned this little act of throwing it away from them. So in a way they are the real culprits.

This twitter user have enlightened us, she has finally reviled that what is the purpose of this little thing. Take a look at the image below.

Yes it turns in to a little chopstick holder.

This helps us to put our chopsticks away for a second, while we enjoy our drink or our having a conversation.

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