Cam Footage Revealed Babysitter and Day Care Worker Was Nothing But A Monster!

Christina Williamson had been working as a daycare provider and babysitter since years. Everyone thought she was the perfect daycare provider and babysitter for their children because she would always post happy pictures with her own babies on social media.

When parents would visit her, they would get impressed to see her house looking immaculate and her kids in discipline.

Little did everyone know that Ms. Williamson was the complete opposite of what she used to portray to the parents.

Her ex-husband once saw that Christina’s attitude wasn’t so nice with her own kids so he decided to put hidden cameras all over their home.

The result was extremely shocking. The hidden cameras showed that Christina on innumerable occasions abused her own children.

The video showed that on multiple occasions Christina pushed the children extremely forcefully, stuff clothes in their mouths when they would cry and would also yank them.

One of the parents who hired Christina is Desiree LeBlanc works as a protective investigator said that she wonders that how she used to treat other children when she abused her own innocent kids.

The heartless babysitter had been arrested and was put on a trial where she accepted all the wrongdoing and said she apologize for her actions.

After Christina’s arrest, a large number of parents also came forward and told that she treated her children roughly and abused them on a number of occasions.

This incident should be a reminder to all the parents around the world to always keep an eye on their babysitters.

Source : elitereaders


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