We Can Tell You About Your Health And Personality Just By Looking At Your Belly Button.

A belly button is an important part of your body as well while most of us just let it go and don’t care what it looks like. Its shape and size can tell a lot about you. Yes everyone has one but like everything in our body it is different too as explained below

Types of belly button:

Like a button

This shows that you have lifted something heavy ad can also indicate to something related to the hernia.

Little Budge

These people are prone to flu

Tucked Navel

People who have it have digestion and weight problems


People with this experience muscle pain, migraine and have weak bones

Bulged with a U form

This indicates to kidney and ski problems.

What does it say about your personality?

The shape of your belly button also tells us abut your personality. Different shapes mean different thing and the list is below

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