Can You Explain These 20 Highly Mysterious Photos?

It has happened with each one of us a couple of times that we have seen a photo and we completely failed to explain that what was actually happening in the photo.

Today we present 20 such mysterious photos that nobody has been able to properly explain them till now.

1. Back in the mid 90’s two friends saw a scary creature in a cave in Ras-al-Khaimah and took a photo of it. The friends also heard someone screaming in the cave right after they took the photo. Police was called and a human body was found in the cave.

2. If you closely look to the left side in this photo you’ll see a strange figure. We don’t know what it is. A ghost may be?

3. In this photo of 9/11 incident of World Trade Center, a woman can be seen hanging onto the ledge of one of the highest floors of the building. The woman actually survived and till today, nobody knows how she managed to survive.

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