Can You Spot The Difference In These 16 Photos?

Everyone tends to think that they have a very high IQ and how they are the best at whatever they do and tend to have IQ battles with friends

Let’s test your IQ and see how many differences you can point out. Some of these pictures include

  • Famous art pieces
  • Pictures of famous landmark


  1. Let’s start by taking a look at this one, naturally we go for the part of the picture that have a lot of details. In this picture the top part has all the details but the bottom part where the green mechanism is placed is where all the differences lie. The right picture has 6 bolts while there are 7 in the left photo

  1. Mona Lisa is without a doubt the most famous art work in the world but still people tend to fail to spot the difference. The left side of the photo beside the Mona Lisa’s arm, you’ll be able to tell that that the background goes further down than it does in the right photo.

  1. The amount of colors and objects involved in this picture very tricky. The size of the hole in front of the spaceship is the only difference in this picture

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