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    Beware Of These Fake Food And Drink Items!

    Yes. You read that right. Not everything you purchase off your grocery stores is real. At times companies use alternate ingredients and not the real materials to prepare the edible items. 1.Ground coffee is faked very commonly. 2.Whenever you buy pomegranate juice, make sure you read the composition on the back of the bottle to […] More

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    9 Food Items We Are Not Eating The Right Way

    There is a certain method attached to everything we do and we use it time and time again mainly because we were taught by our elders to do so but some of them may be incorrect. Here are 8 foods that we have been eating incorrectly our whole lives. 1.Cherry Tomatoes Just squeeze them a […] More

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    Never Buy Blue Berries Again. Use These Methods To Buy Them

    Everyone loves blueberries. They add a little sweetness to your breakfast and your smoothies or you can eat them whenever you want. That is if you have money because they are expensive little things So today we will tell you some tricks that how you can grow blueberries on your own. 1. Exacting, critical, fastidious: […] More

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    7 Types Of Breakfast You Should Avoid

    Breakfat is the most important meal of the day as it powers you trough the whole day. A decent  meal in the morning can pust you towards a great day but if you avoid this meal or don’t eat a proper meal then you will suffer. Here are some things yu should avoid during your […] More

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    Some People Ordered Something And Got Something Else!

    It is true that in life we always don’t get what we wish for. Some people ordered something and got something else completely. 1.A woman wanted ‘Nothing’ to be written on a cake and got this masterpiece instead. 2.A guy who asked for a small beer in Berlin and got this instead. 3.A man ordered […] More

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    Never Put These Food Items In A Refrigerator Ever.

    Indeed refrigerator is one amazing invention and we all use it to its maximum limit. Although not every food item needs to be put in a refrigerator. Don’t worry which food items you shouldn’t store in a refrigerator. 1.Never keep basil in the refrigerator because the vegetable’s leaves will turn black. Always keep basil in […] More

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