You Can Stay In Creme Egg Themed Hotel For Just £9.99

Now, Easter might be a good long way away yet – it’s on April 21 this year – but that hasn’t stopped people selling Creme Eggs and the like already. In fact, if you so desire, you can stay in an entire Creme Egg themed hotel room.

What’s more, you could sleep over in this Creme Egg wonderland for a reasonable price, just £9.99. Basically, Creme Egg have teamed up with to combine the worlds of confectionery eggs and hospitality.

At last. Someone was going to do it eventually, weren’t they?

So, the result is a purple and yellow hotel room with a gigantic purple bed in the middle of it. Not sure about the colour scheme, but each to their own.

The Creme Egg hotel. Credit: Egg

There is also a dining room with red seats, ornaments, and an egg-shaped booth to sit and eat your dinner – presumably a plate of Creme Eggs – in.

Of course, there is an en-suite bathroom as well. Would you believe it is decorated in purple, with bright yellow rubber ducks? Of course you would.

For the remarkably cheap price you also get a fluffy dressing gown and some lovely (purple) towels for your stay.

Now for the interesting part. There are literally thousands of Creme Eggs stashed in just about every nook and cranny within the suite.

Yes, this is a real place. Credit: EggThat means that if you open a drawer, check inside a cupboard, or even look in the bathroom sink, you’ll find some lovely chocolate eggs.

On top of that, hidden somewhere in the room is a single white Creme Egg which, according to some reports, is worth £10,000.

This is all part of the 2019 “Hunt the White Creme Egg” campaign.

Anyway, if you want to bag a night in this unique – and more than a little bizarre – hotel room, you’ve got to find the listing first of all. are offering this on a one night only basis, and the only clue we’ve got is that the room is somewhere in central London. You’ll have to move quickly if you’re going to be the one who manages to find where this Creme Egg paradise is.

If you can find it, it’s your’s for just £9.99. Credit: Egg

Even if you don’t fancy staying in the hotel, there are still loads of white eggs to be found and cash prizes to be won. There are 800 hidden about the UK somewhere, you’ve just got to find them.

However, don’t just go about shops unwrapping eggs to see if they’re white. That’s gross, and everyone got really wound up about that last time.

Featured Image Credit: Egg

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