Chinese Woman Dislocates Her Jaw While Laughing

While you travel a long journey it is a common thing to involve in some activity which amuses you and spend time without being bored. Some people watch movies and remain busy with tablets or mobiles.
Reading books is fun for some people. Best of all is to remain busy on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you have experience of such a journey in your life, you come across very funny stories.
One of these stories is of a couple in China who went on a 28 hours long journey on the train. You can imagine how painful and boring it can be such a trip. They decided to engage in playing card games.

Every other person in their compartment was busy with some activity of amusement. No one can visualize any danger in playing cards what harm can be in playing modest card games.

So everything was very smooth until the wife has scored a good shot and started laughing. This simple act of laughing cost her very dearly when her jawline disturbed. She could not feel what has been done to her but Her victory has cost her closing her jaw. She could not close her mouth.

While noticing, her husband found serious damage has been done to her. Her husband was disturbed and at first, could not find what has been done to his wife after finding the problem informed the train staff.

The train is about to reach a near station where the relevant staff was ready to tackle the situation and for a short treatment in the hospital. So, a simple act of amusing on her winning teaches her a lesson for life. Never over amuse in any situation because it will turn in sorrow and pain for you.

Source: Elite Readers

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