What Does The Color Of Your Passport Mean? Read This To Understand

I have travelled a lot over the years and I have never thought of one thing. Like most people I never cared that what the color of my passport means and yes it dies mean some thing

This can also be a great ice breaker if you’re stuck at an airport but don’t use it as a pick up line I have failed drastically.


Red is the most common color when it comes to the passport. Most counties who have something related to communism have red passport. Also countries that want to join the European Union have switched to red passports. Countries in the EU have red colored passports except Croatia.


blue color represents the new world and in 1976 USA changed its passport color to blue. Many South American countries have blue passports to show their connections with the Mercosur trade.


Most Muslim countries around the world have green passport because of The Holy Prophet’s love for the green color but some south African countries like Ivory Coast have passports in green have documents in green to so their association with the Economic Community Of West Africa


Some African Countries have black passport and it is the rarest color. New Zealand’s national color is black and because of tat they have black passports

This map shows the different color passports used by different countries

Source : elitereaders

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