She Couldn’t Secure First Position So She Hanged Herself Out Of Guilt.

In the Asian culture results are very important and people put a lot of pressure on their kids to achieve good marks or face insults from family and friends. More often than not these things get to the kids and they do some things that we regret and find shame in.

In one such incident a Malaysian girl hanger herself to death after she didn’t come first in her class.

Malaysian girl hanger herself to death after she didn’t come first in her class.

A Facebook user shared a very sad story on the internet that a fifteen year old girl took her life because she couldn’t secure first position in her class.

He told us that he was told about this story online and that he was heartbroken to hear the story.

“I’ve been avoiding meeting this particular woman for a month or so. She has been contacting me over and over again and insisted to meet me”

He finally gave up and met them at a restaurant.

“I am about to tell you a story about what I went through. I want to share this story with everyone. What I went through, is a lesson that everyone needs to learn from.”

“As it turned out that the woman was well educated and respected in her neighborhood. Her children are doing well and along with her husband, they are respected and loved by everyone in their neighbor for their comfortable living”

She told him that her husband valued education a lot.

“The priority of education was so great on their children that they could read fluently at the age of three and four, they had no playing time just studying. The pressure was so much that her children could not talk to children of their age”

One of her kids committed suicide because she was not first in class

She came home sad and was not herself at that time.

“When she hung herself the house went into melt down. There were loud noises in her room and everyone went up to help her but her door was locked and was broken down but it was too late.”

With tears in her eyes she continued

“The day before her result she asked her dad that what if she didn’t come first in her class than what are the punishments”

Her father said” Than you are not my daughter”

One day her she baked a cake for her father and he flipped

He said

“I never asked for a cake it’s easier to buy one than bake it, get back to studying”

He later explained that he couldn’t hold back his tears and had to excuse himself

We can only hope that this story is a lesson for everyone and that everyone start prioritizing life over ridiculous results and fight over things that matter the most and that is LIFE


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