This Couple Was In The Pool Enjoying Themselves When They Were Joined By A Crocodile. What Happened Next Will Surprise You

Imagine you are on holidays with your girlfriend and you are rocking it nothing could ruin it because its all too perfect. When it’s all too perfect always remember it’s too good to be true.

This couple were enjoying a perfect moment too when they were visited by a crocodile in a pool in Africa to remind them that it’s too good to be true.

This couple were enjoying a good old late night swim when a crocodile decided to join them in the pool

The weird thing about all this is that the man decided to flee the scene leaving his sweet heart alone to fight for her life. What would you have done?

The woman luckily swam herself to safety without a scratch but I think she should really think about this relationship.

This crocodile is believed to be a Nile crocodile which is believed to be the most aggressive crocodile. They like to eat whatever they find in their range and this girl is lucky to escape.

This video has since gone viral. Warning everyone about stray crocodiles and fake relationships.

Source : elitereaders


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