Do You Change Your Pjs Daily? We’ll Tell You Why You Should!

A recent research highlighted that many people don’t change their PJs on a routine basis. In fact according to the study, men change their PJs after 13 days while women change their PJS after 17 days. The report is indeed quite eyebrow raising and very disturbing too. Well wearing the same PJs for weeks is highly unhygienic and could lead to serious diseases.

Its time you change this super gross habit and we’ll tell you why you should daily change your jammies.

1. There’s a bacteria known as staph present on almost everyone’s skin. If one wears the same PJs for days then these bacteria can grow in amount and can enter in your body and could lead to serious body infections or diseases.

2. It’s a fact we all hate pimples. Wearing the same PJs could also lead to more pimples. Plus, more germs, bacteria or other viruses could enter via these pimples and cysts in your body.

3. Dust mites are present in every home no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. These tiny dirty creatures are present in your PJs as well and they love to eat the dead skin which is also present in your PJs. Using the same PJs for weeks means these creatures are increasing in your PJs which could lead to respiratory issues.

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