Do You Know About These Hidden Secrets In These 7 Things?

A wise man once said that everything happens for a reason. Similarly everything or every object that we use in our daily lives has a certain reason or a logic behind it. We have been using these things on daily basis since decades and somehow have never been aware about the fascinating stories or reasons behind them.

Today we’ll tell you about 7 such things and the stories behind it.

  1. The contact lines on a Tram are always in a zig zig pattern so that the overhead wire wears the pantograph down in an even manner.

  1. The king of hearts card is the only king who doesn’t sport a mustache and a sword sticking to his head also visible. There are a number of theories that why the sword is sticking to his head. Theory No.1 says it was a printing and copying mistake. Theory No.2 says King of Hearts represents Ajax the Great who committed suicide because after being turned down by Helen of Troy. Theory No.3 says that it represents emotionally unstable king Charles VII who took his own life and finally Theory No.4 says that the sword represents that someone is trying to murder the king.

© wikimedia

  1. This is quite self-explanatory if you see the below picture carefully. These coins make up the Royal Coat of Arms.

© depositphotos

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