Do You Know These Incredible Life Hacks For Drill Machines?

It is true each one of us love life hacks. It is a lot of fun to learn alternate uses of our everyday items which can be seen lying around our homes all the time.

Today we’ll tell you some mind blowing life hacks for drill machine.

1.In case you don’t have a screwdriver, don’t worry. Just put the screw inside the drill head and you can easily drill anything you want.

2.Peal your apple using your drill machine by simply attaching the drill bit to your drill machine and turn the drill machine on, in this way the apple will spin and you can peel the apple by holding the vegetable peeler above it.

3.Make a tasty latte using your drill machine by cutting a wire coat hanger and then leaving a small hook at the end of the straight line. Then join the straight end to your drill machine and use it to froth your coffee.

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