Do You Know These Interesting Life Hacks for Lighters?

We all own a bunch of lighters and they know can be seen lying around our house all the time. Lighters mostly are used in kitchen and if you’re a smoker, so you can’t step out of your home without carrying your lighter. Thanks to a YouTube channel WEAREX we got to know about some cool ways that we can use our lighter for. Although it is highly recommended that you don’t try these at home. Even if you want to try it, make sure you have taken the necessary precautions for it.

So here are some interesti006Eg lighter hacks.

  1. You can convert the flint from your lighter in a cracker bomb firework by removing the spark wheel and pulling out the spring and flint.

Then insert the flint at the end of the spring and then hold the flame from a lighter near the flint till it starts to glow.

Throw the flint over a surface which is non-flammable and it will go on to spark like a mini firework.

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