Do You Know What Happens When You Drop Toothpaste Into A Hot Pan?

A YouTube channel known as ‘WowShow has gain quite a following in a very short span of time thanks to their crazy and bizarre experiments. The channel has a collection of highly fascinating experiment videos.

One such video caught our attention and we decided to tell you guys about it.

Recently ‘WowShow’ decided to throw some random items on a hot pan and the results which they got were beyond fascinating.

They throw a bar of soap, sponge and a toothpaste and the results will surely going to surprise you all.

The YouTubers did two experiments. In the first one, they put a full tube of toothpaste onto the hot pan and in the other one, they put a number of colorful toothpaste directly on the pan.

So far the experiment video has been viewed by over 11 million people and the numbers are increasing each day.

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