Do You Know What Your Sitting Posture Tells About You?

In the last couple of decades researchers have done a vast research on body language. Each person’s body language varies from the other one and it tells others about our nature, personality, strengths and weaknesses.

Similarly we all walk in a different way and sit in a different manner. Today we’ll going to tell you what your sitting posture tells about you.

If you sit like this then it means that you have a charming personality and you are creative. You are also quite playful, fun loving and childish which allows you to get through difficult times in life easily.

You also can’t concentrate on thing for a long time. You also speak without thinking beforehand.

Still people like you and feel comfortable when you are around.

You also at times run away from problems, blame them on others and prefer others doing your work to solve your problem.


If you sit with your legs crossed then it means you stay restless and more of an imaginative person. You also like daydreaming a lot.

You are also more of a party animal. You love being around a lot of people. You love to have fun and hate it when things get boring and become a part of a routine.

You are also impulsive and known to make quick big decisions.

You always try your best to be happy in all situations and can make any decision to make your life more comfortable.


If your sitting posture is somewhat like this? then it means you are a perfectionist. You think a lot before making a decision and you are really choosy when it comes to your work.

You are also a bit disorganized and live a mismanaged lifestyle but you love every bit of your chaotic life.

You at times get bored in lengthy conversations and can’t focus on matters for too long which isn’t of your interest.

Due to this habit, sometimes people think you are arrogant.


It is said the ones who sit with their legs together are usually more introvert and quiet. You also don’t like being around too many people You are shy and just like to get intimate with your partner in private.

You are also secretive but at the same time fashion conscious as well.

You are intelligent but struggle with communication and in social gatherings.

You are reserved but a deep thinker and at times you also over-analyze things.

5..If you usually sit with your legs closed together and at one side, so you are more of a stubborn person and also very persistent when it comes to things which matter to you.

You are a go-getter but doesn’t like to rush into things. Giving up easily is also not your thing.

You are also very conscious about the way you look.

But deep in the heart you are a sensitive person who isn’t good with taking criticisms.

Source : providr

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