Do You Know Which Nokia Phone Is Making A Comeback?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that at one point in life each one of us has used Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 remained one of the most successful mobile phones of all-time. Due to its durability and reliability the phone immediately became a cult classic among cellphone lovers throughout the world.

Well today we have a good news for the fans of Nokia 3310. Yes, the legendary Nokia 3310 is making a huge comeback.

The classic phone which was originally launched way back in the 2000 will be relaunched at Mobile World Congress by the end of this month. The reason for the comeback of Nokia 3310 is that there is a huge market for the legendary Nokia 3310 because still today used Nokia 3310 can be found being sold on Amazon and Ebay.

New Nokia 3310 will again be budget friendly and will start from $60.

Cellphone giant, Nokia plans to run a different marketing strategy for the classic phone and wants to target the phone for those people who need a cellphone with a long lasting battery and a highly strong exterior.

The minute the word got out, people on social media were found talking about it.


Source: distractify

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