Do You Know Why Surgeons Wear Green And Blue Scrubs? We’ll Tell You Why!

There is one thing that we all have been noticing since long but somehow we never had an answer to it. All around the world, surgeons can be seen wearing blue or green color overalls. This is a standard practice almost around the world. At times people wonder that why they don’t wear white or some other light color.

Today, we’ll finally going to give you the answer of this question.

The tradition is as old as the early 90s.

Before 1914, all the medical staff, doctors, nurses and surgeons used to wear white overalls. Everything changed when a highly acclaimed and experienced doctor came up with the tradition of blue and green color uniforms for surgeons working in operation theaters. The doctor started the tradition with green color uniforms for the surgeons, later blue color uniforms also become part of the tradition.

But why?

The reason of blue and green color overalls for the surgeons is that white color has the potential to blind the surgeons for some minutes if they shift their eyes from the red color of blood to white uniforms of the other surgeons.

But still one question arises to our minds that why not any other color like yellow, orange, pink etc.? The reason is that on the spectrum of light colors like blue and green are the opposites of red. Hence, during an operation, because of blue and green colors of uniforms, a surgeon’s vision remain on the shades of red color.

Hence it is proved that there’s a reason behind everything.

Source: brightside

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