Don’t Try This! Man Feeds Alligator In A T-Rex Costume To Make Them Fitter!

Just to be safe we would like to tell kids and adults who never grew up to not to try this stunt at home. There is an easy explanation it’s just too dangerous and it’s not worth risking your life over this little stunt.

A 35 year old ranger named Jason McDonald at Colorado Gators Park, wore a T-Rex suit just to tease a 500 pond alligator named Morris who is a movie star who has made a name for himself by appearing in movies such as doctor Dolittle and Happy Gilmore.


When people started calling him out for teasing a gator he said that he was just making the gator work for his food so he wouldn’t get chunky

He wears the costume to make Morris work a bit

“I know it looks like we are teasing him, but he is a chunky alligator so we make him work for his food to burn some calories”

“I was feeling nervous and it is not very easy to see in the costume because it gets fogy from breathing on it”

The alligator needs to work for his meal

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