Eat Sleep Break Records Repeat, This Was The Motto Kropp Lived By.

Summiting the Everest is one feat that every extreme sport lover wants but this man Goran Kropp rode a bike for 13000 km and then summited the most dangerous peak in the world and well then went back home like it was nothing

His love for mountains begun when he was 6 and his father took him to Norway’s Galdhopiggen which is the highest peak in Scandinavia

Although he made climbing the Everest look like a walk in the park, believe me when I tell you it isn’t. He left home October 1996 and reached Everest’s camp on April 1996, and earned the nickname the crazy sewed for his daring exploits

As he arrived the situation wasn’t good 8 climbers had recently lost their lives during a blizzard but that didn’t stop him from doing what he came to do. He helped in every way possible

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