Eating This Fish Is Harmful To Your Health And Can Cause Death. Click To Read More About It

Tilapia are fish who are brought from mainly African water to other parts of the world and raised o farms.

It’s been compared to fish as they grow as quick as them and can be breaded like chicken on farms as well its affordable because of its supply compared to other fishes.

The fish is named the miracle fish but has some secrets

1.The environment takes a hit

The people who are behind this farm industry are often it for themselves and don’t care what happens after they are doe and in pursuit of money they keep on setting these ridiculous amount of farms

“Fish farms if not managed properly can have an adverse effect on the environment”

Fish farms are given a go ahead in the U.S and Canada because they use closed tank system

2.The “Fat” is too high

We all know that the fish has a lot of protein and also a lot of fat but this fish in particular has a lot of fat in it and not the fatty acids that are good for the human body

A report says

“The quantity of omega-6 fatty acids in Tilapia is higher than a hamburger or bacon”

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