Egg Slicer Hacks, What Else Can It Cut?

The internet is a world of unknown possibilities and information, every day we learn something new and innovative. Today we are going to tell you that how can an egg slicer be properly utilized and can be turned into a pretty good all in one slicer and make you feel like Gordon Ramsey.

Dave who is a very renowned you tuber has released yet another video on 13th of January demonstrating the fact that how a simple egg slicer can be utilized in more than one way. For many of us it is a simple utility product but Dave has used it to slice perfect pieces of butter, worthy to sizzle up any 5 star hotel stake or can be used in the morning pancake or just to grease up your frying pan.

Next he uses the slicer to slice up some courgette, boiled potato and hotdogs and then mixed them up well to prepare a nice and simple but tasty looking meal. In the end he adds some feta cheese, which he slices into perfect pieces even after its crumbling nature, an art very hard to perfect.

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