Ever wonder how Michael Jackson would look like if he never had gone under the knife?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Michael Jackson had lived a highly eventful life. MJ had a legendary music career but it was his personal life which also received equal amount of attention worldwide.

It is said that the reason of the first plastic surgery of Mr. Jackson wasn’t to look better but it was rather a medical reason. During a tricky dance routine Michael Jackson broke his nose after falling on the floor and that incident marked the beginning of something highly dangerous. After the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, his mother claimed that he became highly obsessed with the world of cosmetic surgery. His mother also claimed that throughout his childhood the legendary singer suffered from low self-esteem and considered himself ugly and unattractive. It is said that till his death, Michael Jackson had undergone over 10-20 plastic surgeries to look attractive. Although a section of media also claimed that he had a skin disease which made his skin changed his color from black to white.

So recently a picture was doctored to reveal that how Michael Jackson had lived in this old age if he hadn’t gone under the knife. So, here’s that picture.

Source: jesusdaily

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