Ever Wonder What Human Meat Tastes Like? Don’t Worry… We’ll Tell You.

The concept of cannibalism remained a noteworthy topic for Hollywood horror movie directors. Since the early 80s a large number of movies on cannibals have been released and the concept of cannibals still fascinate us for many reasons.

In recent times, many stories came to the surface of serial killers or murderers eating human flesh. Some even said that a certain group of people in China eat dead human dead bodies. Various conspiracy theories also came out.

Although it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that each one of us has wondered at one point in life that what human flesh would taste like. So today we’ll give you firsthand information about the taste of human meat from the ones who have actually eaten human flesh one, twice or many times in their lives.

Greg Foot: Greg is a BBC presenter who once out of curiosity cut a piece of his upper thigh to actually taste human flesh. Mr. Foot has described that human flesh taste like a mix of pork and lamb and has the smell of beef and ale stew.

Alexander Pearce: Pearce was an Irish convict who once went on to murder a large number of people and then became a cannibal. He was eventually hanged for all his wrong doings. Just before his execution, he revealed the taste of human meat and said that it is highly delicious. He further added that it tastes 10 times better than fish and pork.

Jeffrey Dahmer: This cannibal from Milwaukee who murdered over 17 men from 1978 to 1991. He was later arrested by FBI. During one such interrogation session, he revealed that he eaten certain body parts like biceps, thighs and some organs too. Dahmer revealed that the human flesh tastes like filet mignon.

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